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What are the main operations of the color sorter

What are the main operations of the color sorter


We understand that the color sorter is a high-precision equipment, high-tech product. It is mainly based on the color difference of the material to be color sorted, and then uses the photoelectric detection technology to separate the different heterochromatic particles, and then the following editor will introduce the operation essentials of the color sorter, understand this part is for customers Be familiar with and operate the color sorter, and master its performance.

The operation of the color sorter is mainly as follows:

1. Clean the entire machine to ensure that it is pollution-free and clean.

2. Make sure that all safety guards are firmly installed in place, and all guard doors are closed and fastened.

3. Turn on the air and water supply switches of the sorting machine.

4. Turn on the power switch of the device.

5. Turn on the main power switch located on the operator control panel.

6. Display the "Status" page, correct the sorting machine status, and perform standardized settings for all cameras.

7. Start sorting and verify that all cameras are working properly.

8. Use a few test products or other permitted steps to confirm that the system is sorting.

9. Start the feed vibration machine.

10. Shut down after work

Reminder: After using the machine, you must remember to maintain and repair it regularly to extend the life of the machine and ensure the accuracy of the machine's color selection.

Proper care can make the color sorter have a longer life

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