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Proper care can make the color sorter have a longer life

Proper care can make the color sorter have a longer life


Necessary daily maintenance, such as:

1. Make sure the glass surface of the camera case is clean
2. When the machine is working in a dusty environment, clean up all parts of the color sorter to avoid dust accumulation
3. After the shutdown, check whether all materials have been sorted, and if there are stagnant materials, clean them up in time

Necessary maintenance required every week:
1. Check whether there is material adhesion on the front and rear shafts of the belt bed, if any, remove it in time

2. For some highly viscous materials (such as garlic and pine nuts), there are some accumulations of materials in the hopper, chute, and large belt bed under vibration after a week of work, which needs to be removed and cleaned.

Maintenance required every month:

1. Open the upper and lower sorting box, and clean the inside of the upper glass, the surface of the lower light source, the lens of the lower camera, the double-layer double-sided lower camera mirror and its lens, and clean the high-precision parts of the camera. Be careful and gentle, consider using cotton ball alcohol to wipe dust, and finally close the sorting box cover to tightly seal

2. Check whether there are any screws and wiring heads loose inside and outside the machine, and tighten them if they are loose.

3. For vulnerable parts, such as the cleaning brush and the small belt are worn out, you need to consider whether to replace it

4. Test each valve and repair or consider replacing the solenoid valve if it is abnormal

Other aspects:
1. It is recommended to work in a stable 220V voltage environment with a voltage stabilizer

2. Non-debugging and after-sales personnel are forbidden to change the data in the computer and delete any software in it at will. It is recommended not to link to the network

3. All the lids of the box must be closed when working, such as electric control box, camera box

4. The screw air compressor needs to use a cold dryer to ensure the drying of the air source

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