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Features of RGB Trichormatic Color Sorter Machine

Features of RGB Trichormatic Color Sorter Machine


GROTECH RGB CCD Rice Color Sorter Machine, 1-14 Chutes, 63-768 channels, Sort bad, milky, Chalky, Paddy, foreign materials out, Available for long-grain,Round-Grain, Basmati, Parboiled, White all kinds of Rice Applications.

Features of our RGB Trichormatic Color Sorter:

*Optical Sorting With High Resolution 4096 Pixel CCD Camera,High Reliability And Long Life LED Light Source;

*With Efficient And Stable Software System,Intelligent Algorism,User Friendly Interface;

*RGB Sorting Machine With Better Sorting Accuracy ,Lower Carryover, And Bigger Production Capacity;

*Colour Sorter With SOC Platform To Realize Stable, Reliable, Ultra-Fast Mass Data Processing;

*CCD Optical Sorting Machine With Expert Sorting Solution Realizes One Key Debugging

*China GroTech Color Sorter Remote Debugging, Diagnosing And Maintenance. Four Core Technologies To Ensure Your Operations

Trichromatic color sorter

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