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Grotech is one of the top optical sorting machinery supplier. We engaged in color sorter R&D, production and sales, and provides sorting solutions to the clients with high reliability, good quality, high security and easy operation.

Our main products: rice color sorter,grain color sorter,plastic color sorter,nuts color sorter,belt type color sorter,beans color sorter,pulses color sorter,seeds color sorter,lentils color sorter,wheat color sorter,corn color sorter etc

Relying on the excellent product performance, our products have spread all over China and are successfully exported to more than 40 countries and regions, like USA、Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Ukrain, Bangladesh, Philippine,Finland and Bulgaria etc.

1.Electrical  System

All electrical components are international famous brands such as Schneider、SMC which is safe and reliable.

2.Optical  System

All new customized industrial camera lens, higher sharpness and bright, wider spectrum, large DOF and lower distortion, Fully enhanced resolution; Wide Spectrum, High Ra, Steady Temperature LED lighting system configuration make light auto-adaptation technically following the environmental change, massively increased detecting scope with consistency and continuity.

3.Camera system

Industrial grade modular Biovise(Biomimetic recognition technology) cameras, with TRIDIM、DISTRIVISION、SHAPIZE  and ROUVEIN technology identifying software, suitable for all kinds of difficult materials; Original imported sensor with pixel 5400 Elements, line frequency at 10000 frames/second; LVDS communication effectively enhanced KCMR(Common mode rejection ratio), and realized higher reliability; Internet communication technology with high speed image acquisition function, visualized the material.

4.Operating system

Ligros operating system, easy and professional integration, flexible configuration, GroTech's own Ligros; visual analysis technology, remote monitoring technology, operation more simple and more efficient; big data, Internet of things and cloud computing analysis.

5.Power  Supply System

Wide range voltage, DC power and APFC power supply, effectively restrain power harmonic, ensure the whole power supply system safe and reliable.

6.Feeding system

Productive, high voltage DC PWM control feeding system,maintain Steady Capacity Adjustment; Special THICK craft processed chutes,greatly reduced the friction coefficient , for carrying material flowing smoothly,with superior output.

7.Rejection system

Ejectors of Ultralow remanence material, superconducting magnetic technology and nanometer craft, greatly enhanced the frequency of switching; intelligent combination of high and low voltage and PWM control drive technology, realized higher reliability; Powerful central point identifying technology helped the accurate shooting, and obviously reduced the air consumption.

8.Dust removal system

Intelligent dust removal system, automatic sensor cleaning, more reliable; curtain air system and a unique combination of ventilation system to ensure that the camera is recognized without interference, a substantial increase in effective production.

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Have a question? You can call us or email us by sending a message below.