Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd

GROTECH’S Enterprise Spirit


Sincerity is the foundation of development,and our responsibility is to keep faith.


It is to seek truth from facts, stick to theory and practice, without subjective and dogma.


Innovation is the source of continuous development of enterprises, harmonious innovation, market development, solidarity and struggle for the future.

We will strive to build a high-tech service enterprise which is based on intelligent identification technology. So we researched and developed rice color sorter machine,plastic color sorting machine,garin optical color sorter,nuts colour sorter etc.

GROTECH’S Corporate Values

Right and Wrong-The user is right,and oneself is wrong

Development View-Enterprising spirit and innovating spirit

Benefit -Each of us is win to win.

GROTECH’S Development Strategy

Talents Cultivation-Adhering to the "treatment to attract talent, in order to retain talent, with emotion" talented personnel training strategy, adhere to the "people-oriented", the cultivation of talents in the enterprise development one of the most important position.

System construction -- Strengthening the formulation, implementation, inspection and optimization of the management system, forming a closed loop of management, enhancing the effectiveness and effectiveness of the implementation of the management system, and forming a complete institutional system.

Cultural construction -- Adhering to the spirit of enterprise "integrity, seeking truth and innovation" is the core of the enterprise culture, which is to build, cultivate and strengthen the spirit of the company in the whole company

GROTECH’S Enterprise Rules

Through the play to the staff's enthusiasm, creativity and improve the staff's technology, management, management level, continuously improve the company's management, management system, and implement various forms of liability, growing the company's strength and improve the economic benefit

GROTECH’S Corporate Policy

Focusing on the market demand, grasping the business indicators, focusing on the quality of the products, focusing on the quality of the products, and focusing on the efficiency of the work efficiency, and focusing on the construction of work efficiency.

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