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Raisin color sorter: high efficiency, good precision

Raisin color sorter: high efficiency, good precision


Xinjiang is an important producer of grapes in China,and the local raisins products have been widely concerned at China and abroad.With the prosperity of the market economy, the demand for raisin products at China and abroad has become more and more prosperous,How to efficiently produce raisins has become a very difficult thing, until the appearance of color sorting machines. Next, the color sorter manufacturer GRO TECH will give you a detailed introduction to this modern product of the raisin color sorter.

The best quality raisins are the ones with a single color and no mixed colors. However, in practice, it is very difficult to achieve this. The traditional way is to manually select the raisins from other colors one by one, which is so inefficient that many producers give up color selection. But this also leads to the lack of purity of their raisins.

In response to the characteristics of different color of raisins, GROTECH newly launched an

intelligent color CCD raisin color sorter, which can grade and screen the color of raisins, and then sift out the impurities of raisins to improve the grade and quality of raisins. The color sifter for raisins can save labor, improve the output rate, and also save time and money.

Raisin color sorter

Raisin color sorter features.

1. International top color CCD sensor, high-definition camera, the sroting net rate can reach 99.9%.

2. Intelligent processing system with super computing power, capable of handling massive data and meeting the complex operation of multiple modes.

3. The latest LED light source, high brightness and low energy consumption at the same time, so that the disease spots, black spots and other defects are not visible.

4. High-precision solenoid valve, durable and long-lasting. Its fast response speed and precise striking can significantly reduce the take-out ratio, improve the selection of net rate and reduce energy consumption.

Raisin color sorting

In addition, the color sorter is made of special customized aluminum alloy, which is non-toxic, non-hazardous and meets international food safety standards. The system supports WIFI remote control function, which can automatically identify and adjust automatically to meet the color selection requirements of materials with different batches and different trash rates. Support TP/TCP protocol, Internet remote maintenance function, configuration management, performance management, and remote system upgrade.

The color sorter for raisins is also widely used, and it can also sorting and classify powder and granular materials, which are widely used in rice, miscellaneous grains, tea, industry, medicine and other industries.

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