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Multigrain color sorter improves the screening efficiency of grains

Multigrain color sorter improves the screening efficiency of grains


With the improvement of living standards, whole grains are becoming more and more popular.
However, for grain companies, there are many types of miscellaneous grains with different sizes, shapes, and colors. There may be some disease spots, mildew, impurities, etc., which must be eliminated and screened out, which requires the use of Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Multigrain color sorter. Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Multigrain Color Sorter uses photoelectric technology to automatically sort out the heterochromatic particles of a series of grains agricultural products such as sunflower seeds, wheat, buckwheat, oats, millet, peanuts, melon seeds, rapeseed and so on according to the difference in optical properties of grains , so as to achieve the effect of improving product quality and removing impurities.

Technology blessing, nowhere to hide impurities

Recognition is the housekeeping skill of color sorters. To achieve truly unimaginable recognition, the camera is the key, and the technology cannot be left behind. In addition to using a high-resolution full-color CCD image acquisition sensor system, Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Grain Color Sorter, it also creates an original color sorter operating system and 50 sets of memory functions, adding AI ultra-micro recognition technology, and the material recognition accuracy is higher, and there is nowhere to hide malignant impurities such as glass and desiccant.

Color selection + shape selection to achieve more intelligent identification
Compared with the traditional manual sorting, the Hefei Growking Optoelectronic color sorting machine for miscellaneous grains is not only efficient, but also very fine and fast. Determine the position of the center of gravity of the material, implement center-targeted positioning and rejection, accurate rejection, low take-out ratio, and make the color selection accuracy close to the minimum value, achieving higher integration, faster computing speed, and stronger processing capacity. Intelligent control, and disease Say goodbye to spot/mildew forever.

Efficient and intelligent, making the process easier
Gigabit Ethernet can achieve efficient transmission, and remote debugging and maintenance are faster. 50 sets of memory functions, one-button smart start, easy to operate, and open the real smart color selection mode.

"Five grains for nourishment, five fruits for help", whole grains occupy an important position in the diet structure. Hefei Growking Optoelectronic has the industry-leading technology, which can realize the color sorting technology with higher integration, faster calculation speed and higher accuracy, so that grain enterprises can say goodbye to the troubles of disease spots, mildew and impurities in miscellaneous grains.

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