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GROTECH MS Series Infrared Rice Color Sorting machine

GROTECH MS Series Infrared Rice Color Sorting machine


The MS Series Infrared sorting machines are the simplest series of electronic sorters produced by GROTECH, but don't be fooled. Although they are built for a budget minded producer or lower value commodities the MS Series electronic sorters include high-end features to efficiently sort grains and seeds. They are available in a monochromatic version and can be upgraded with NIR (Near Infrared) and InGaAs camera technology.

The cameras used within the MS Series NIR Sorter Machine simultaneously detect four thresholds in the visible spectrum. Defect size is programmable allowing for different grades of finished product.

Available in 1 to 7 chute versions, MS Series optical sorters handle any production capacity requirement and can also perform multiple passes at the same time.

MS Series vision sorters are used to separate any foreign materials and color defects from dry food and non-food products sized from 0.5 to 30mm. Upgraded AI intelligent sorting function, no need for user configuration, it can be used after assembly. We make efforts to meet customers' requirements and search for long-term cooperation.

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