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Features Of CCD cashew nuts color sorter

Features Of CCD cashew nuts color sorter


Our smart color CCD cashew nuts color sorter is specially used in the cashew nut separation and processing industry. It uses a 4096 megapixel high-resolution camera to collect color images for comparison. The system compares the waste and raw materials in the image, and it selects black, moldy particles or impurities. Separate impurities and defective products, and improve the quality of cashew nuts.

Products Features:

*Nuts Defects Sorting through High Resolution 4096 Pixel CCD Camera,High Reliability And Long Life LED Light Source;

*Efficient And Stable Software System, Intelligent Algorism, User Friendly Interface;

*Better Sorting Accuracy, Lower Carryover, And Bigger Production Capacity;

*SOC Platform To Realize Stable, Reliable, Ultra-Fast Mass Data Processing;

*Nuts Colour Sorting With Expert Sorting Solution Realizes One Key Debugging

*Grotech Color Sorter Remote Debugging, Diagnosing And Maintenance.

Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.  offers an ideal solution to maximize the yield. Our technology precisely sorts the processed grain for any defects based on color, this will ensure absolute consistency and best quality grains. The automatic Tri-chromatic sorting technology will ensure faster and better and more accurate sorting to the processed grains.

We will never stop to make more effort to provide better products and better service. To gain the satisfaction and praise of the customers is our forever goal. We will never stop to pursue environment-friendly development model.

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