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Difference Between Intelligent Corn Color Sorter And Traditional Manual Selection

Difference Between Intelligent Corn Color Sorter And Traditional Manual Selection


Corn is an important food crop in our country, with high nutritional value. However, it is inevitable that corn will be mixed with impurities during the process of drying and transportation, especially the mold during storage, which seriously affects the quality of corn and endangers people's health. Therefore, the corn must be cleaned and removed before being eaten. In view of the different colors of moldy grains and normal grains, the color sorting process shows its unique advantages. It is under such a demand background that the development of a high-performance intelligent corn color sorter came into being.

In traditional corn selection, manual selection is mostly used. The emergence of corn color sorters is a major change in the times. The corn color sorting machine can automatically sort out mildew, disease spots, black spots and redness in corn according to the difference of corn optical characteristics using photoelectric detection technology.

Compared with manual selection, it can reduce a lot of labor expenses and consumption, and it also greatly improves the efficiency of corn sorting and reduces a lot of error rates. In addition, compared with manual selection, the corn color sorter not only saves labor, time, high efficiency, and low processing cost, but also improves the quality, economic and social benefits of the selected products.

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