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Common troubleshooting of color sorter

Common troubleshooting of color sorter


Specific reasons and treatment methods:

1. The indicator light is always on during the production of the color sorter, and the air compressor is always working

  • The content of heterochromatic particles is high, and the sensitivity setting is particularly high. The lamp is always on, please reduce the accuracy
  • There is dust on the glass of the sorting room, please clean it up
  • The light path has not been adjusted, please re-adjust it

2. The color sorter jumps from the rice to the rice:
  • The rice track is scratched, please replace it
  • The humidity of the rice is too high, which causes the rice to stick to the dust on the rice channel and the rice does not flow smoothly. Please clean the rice channel

3. The solenoid valve does not operate:
  • Check if the mouth of the mouthpiece is blocked.
  • The air valve power supply plug is not in good contact with the solenoid valve socket, please tighten the plug in this place
  • Air supply pressure is insufficient or very low, please check Zhongrui Weishi air circuit
  • There is foreign matter or moisture in the valve, please pay attention to drainage

4. The color sorter is basically not color sorting
  • Forgot to turn on the power button during production, resulting in no color selection
  • The background board is not adjusted properly, resulting in a relatively small sorting volume, please re-adjust the background board
  • The sensitivity setting is low, resulting in a relatively small sorting volume, please increase the sensitivity
  • The air supply pressure of the color sorter is insufficient, resulting in a small sorting volume, please check the air circuit

5. The colour sorter shows insufficient air pressure
  • The air compressor works abnormally or the motor does not work, resulting in abnormal air pressure
  • The air compressor is working normally, the air pressure power is too far, the conveying pipeline is too thin, and the ball valves of each way are not fully opened, which will easily cause insufficient air pressure.
  • The weather is cold, the filter does not drain, causing freezing, hindering the flow of airflow, causing air supply, and indicating insufficient air pressure
  • The amount of yellow or white abdomen is large, the sensitivity setting is high, and the gas consumption is large, resulting in air supply and insufficient air pressure
  • There is more glass dust in the sorting chamber, causing the air valve to spray randomly, and the air consumption is large, resulting in insufficient display air pressure
  • Containing less heterochromatic particles, the background board is not adjusted properly, it will also cause air supply and display insufficient air pressure

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