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Color sorting machine

Color sorting machine


Color sorting machine is applied to different fields. The color sorter machine can complete the task of accurately sorting grains, seeds and spices. The machine is based on the principle of sorting seeds and spices according to color changes. Embedded microprocessor and high-precision scanner can effectively and accurately classify grains.

These color sorter machines must be used when you consider that seeds and spices are easily mixed with foreign impurities such as foreign particles and foreign particles. These machines allow us to get rid of these harmful and unhealthy adulterations, which often reduce the quality of spices and grains.

There are many color sorter machines on the market today, for example:
1) Rice Color Sorter
2) Lentils Color Sorter
3) Seeds Color Sorter
4) Beans Color Sorter
5) Wheat Color Sorter
6) Industrial Color Sorter

With the help of a high-resolution scanner, the color sorter observes the composition of the batch and analyzes different color changes, treating a specific color as a pure desired product, and distinguishing all other particles from it and finally filtering it except.

With such great practicability, these machines will undoubtedly raise the classification of grains to a new level, and they also have high precision and precision. Nowadays, color sorters are used in many fields that need to filter out solid impurities.

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